Monday, August 22, 2011


Welcome to a new week and a new muse here at Braxton and Yancey.  As always when we turn our attention in a new direction, we turn hard.  This week we will be exploring the influence of floral patterns in fashion and design.  Please don't assume I'm talking about your grandmothers florals here, because I'm most definitely not.  I will be showing you the floral influence in MOD design, large scale tropical florals used in decor, and unusual floral patterns in fabrics and fashion.
I want to begin with florals in mens fashion....
Probably one of the most subtle uses of florals in mens fashion is in the tie.  Almost any man who wears ties, has at least one with a floral print.  I happen to LOVE splashy, colorful ties and florals are a great way to make a tie pop.
The ubiquitous floral bathing trunk for men.  Again, I really love this look, especially on young men at the beach.  The bright saturated colors of many floral prints really stands up to the tropical sun, not to mention how great this looks with a tan.
Lilly Pulitzer swimming trunks found on etsy.
The Aloha or Hawaiian shirt is a staple in many tropical climates.  A true aloha shirt has a collar, short sleeves, and buttons all the way down the front.  In Hawaii the aloha shirt is considered appropriate in all but the most formal of occasions, and is occasionally worn with a tie, but is never tucked into ones pants.  The locals usually prefer a lighter pattern in muted colors leaving the splashy bright florals to the tourists.
What man hasn't worn one of these at least once?  Notice the cheeky pinups amongst the flowers.
My daughter has told me that floral prints are becoming popular for men of her age group - early twenties.  I think I really like this trend.
Floral shoes for men.....hmmmmm....I think few men would consider wearing these, what do you think?

Mr. Simon Doonan, aka Jonathan Adler's husband, in his signature floral shirt.  I think Simon is truly adorable and has the confidence and personality to successfully wear this look.  As a woman I would like to see more men take chances with their wardrobes.  Who says men shouldn't wear pink, pastels, or florals?  In fact I think pink is a great color on most Caucasians, male or female.  Does the man in your life wear florals?
Simon Doonan
Today is my birthday, and I have some chocolate and the September issue of Vogue waiting for if you need me I'll be on the sofa in a chocolate/Vogue daze trying to forget how old I am.
Have a beautiful day.

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