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 I'm just going to assume that anyone reading this blog is a fan of MADMEN and is familiar with the story line.  So let's get straight to what's really important....the fashion!  Are you with me?

First, let's talk Betty.  She of course is the housewife of the bunch and unless she and Don are going into the city at night, she tends to be the least fashionable.  Her wardrobe consists primarily of horse riding clothes and pretty frocks, and she isn't always aware that the 1950's are actually over.  Betty still clings to her full flouncy skirts and Grace Kelly hairdo.  Betty's look is probably hardest to pull off today, due to the lack of flouncy skirts, but also because it would be very difficult to blend in at the office or the grocery story dressed like Mrs. Draper.

Oh, how Betty would love this!  Complete with a Kelly Bag.

 The ladies of MAD MEN understand the importance of the winter coat.   Especially in the dreary winter months in NYC, a colorful overcoat is cheerful and usually more flattering than basic black.  I always find lovely colorful coats when I'm shopping my favorite vintage stores.  A great coat in an equally great color is a wonderful way to bring a little MAD MEN style to your wardrobe.
I can imagine Betty wearing this when she's expecting a baby.  Just lose the sash and this would make an adorable, and very wearable even for today, maternity dress.

I picture Betty wearing this to the club for lunch, or perhaps when traveling.  Love the fur collar!

If you look really closely, you can see Betty Draper in this picture....hint, she's to the left.

Moving on to Joan.  I would say she is probably the most fashionable of the MM ladies.  As a single girl, working in the big city, looking for a husband, she really understands how to make the most of her assets.  Joan also understands that the 50's are over and therefor we never see her in a full skirt.
Believe it or not, I really think Joan's wardrobe is the most wearable for today.  Few of us are as curvy as she, but who wouldn't be flattered by a form fitting, unpatterened, knee length dress?  Very wearable, I tell you. 
This dress is perfect for Joan.  And most anyone else.  Would you wear this?  I certainly would.
Another advantage of dressing like Joan is that as long as you leave your Joan walk at home, you should be able to get away with this in most office situations.  Save the Joan walk for your significant other.

I can't recall ever seeing her in this color, but I think Joan would look fabulous in this.  I suspect the pleats would be flattering to a busty figure.

I love this picture of Joan and Don.  Just look at how he's look at her!  Swoon.
This green dress would look terrific..... 
with these shoes. 
This is an image I've had in my fashion binder for years, and now I know would be perfect for Joan.  I recall her wearing similar jewelry in a valentine episode, in fact I'm pretty sure she would have bought this dress in her signature red.   

Remember how mousy she was in the first couple of seasons?  Peggy sure has grown up and matured her look from catholic school girl to don't mess with me business woman. 
I can imagine Peggy in a slightly more fitted version of this, perhaps with a tight belt rather than the sash we see here.   This would be very wearable today, perhaps with a small red jacket and red shoes.

I see Peggy wearing this on a sophisticated date in the city.  Hair up, pearls, evening bag, kitten heels.  Nice. 
Remember when Duck gave her a scarf?  I think she would have worn in around her pocketbook like this. 
Peggy was probably voted most likely to be seen in a sweater set and sensible skirt.  I think the grown up Peggy of last season would wear it like this, without the bling on the sweater of course. 
Just because.

Naturally all the MAD MEN ladies wear substantial shape wear, everyone of that era did.  I would like to think they also wear a lovely full slip between their clothes and girdles in order to erase bumps and bulges.  Isn't this a beauty? 
Very wearable for today, but with a definite mid century vibe.  Love this!

A well made flattering blouse? Check.  A knee length pencil skirt?  Check.  Coordinating cardi?  Check.  Perfect.
 Swimming pools don't figure prominently on MAD MEN,  but if they did.........

I can picture the younger ladies wearing this.  Sally Draper would wear this to her own birthday party with black mary jane's and a black patent hair band.
 Luxurious accessories such as leopard jackets and alligator wallets remind me of a number of Don's girl friends.  Again, wearable for today, especially with a confident walk and a smile.

Do you have MAD MEN inspiration in your wardrobe?  Do you think the mid century style is wearable for today?  Do you have a secret crush on Don Draper?  Thought so.

Have a beautiful day.

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