Friday, September 16, 2011


One subject we haven't touched on this week is fashion.  So....I've searched the net for inspiration boards made by fashion designers.  Not all of the following boards fit into that category, but most do.  Hope you enjoy.
 If you don't already have one, I hope this weeks muse has inspired you to create your own inspiration/mood board.  One of the benefits of having a i/m board is that it helps to train the eye and organize  design/creative ideas.

 Begin your inspiration board by collecting images from magazines, books, calenders, the Internet, greeting cards/post cards, or old photographs.  From there you can cull your favorites, the ones that most inspire you, the ones that tell your story. 
I like to lay all my images on a large surface and begin to organize them, sometimes by size, sometimes by color....then, usually beginning with the largest images, I will start to attach them to my inspiration board.  As I've said, my boards are metal so I attach my images with magnets, but you can certainly make a board out of cardboard or heavy paper, wood, cork....whatever, then attach your images appropriately.

Is it just me or is Zac Posen adorable?  Thought so.

 Remember the only rule regarding inspiration boards is that there are no rules.  Your board is all about what inspires YOU.  Use it to say something about yourself, who you are or wish to be.  Your inspiration board doesn't have to be seen by your neighbors, MIL, decorator, or even your can keep it in your bedroom (as we do) or inside a closet door, your home office, or right in your living room.

 Most of all.....have fun.

I hope you've enjoyed and been inspired this week.  If you make or have made an inspiration board, I would love to see it.  Please share.
Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

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