Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jetsonesque Furniture and Accessories - Back to the Future

Atomic Mid-Century Styling - Modern, Clean, and Curvy

I filtered my file archives for home decor items that seem a good fit for our Jetsons Muse. The boomerang table with Formica top, atomic sculpture and Eames coasters above seemed to me a perfect jumping off point.

Other things I was looking for was plastic, especially bright saturated color and shiny surfaces, clean lines, organic and geometric shapes, light on its feet, modern. Seemingly, most of the things that fit the retro-futuristic home of the Jetsons would be design with few sharp edges and little texture or pattern, and surfaces so smooth and plasticized you run them though a car wash and they would be good as new!

Note that we've 2 posts today, the fantastic LAX Theme Building follows...

Here's what I've found so far. Hope you enjoy!

Yeah Baby! Mork would love this...

Toothpaste chair seems like organic fun!

Swing clock's very alien-esque

Love Umbra's work- plastic, wow color, lighting all seem to rock the modern story

Very Jetsons!

Like the design, but needs to be in Lucite or bright plastic for this story...

I don't know if the shag story works for Jetsons, but I like the color and the soft geometric shape

Very space crafty, I would rather see in translucent color for our story

Atomic clock is retro, but may not be futuristic enough

Love the Googie organic sign shapes here- great muse for furniture!

Calder mobiles are a great fit - retro and modern

Vintage Atomic rocks!

A little pedestrian, but the bullet lamp in bright blue works for this story

Perhaps a little severe for the Jetsons muse, but softer edges in shiny B/W could work

George Nelson clock is perfect. Lack of numbers seems more modern

Very Atomic!

Organic, colorful, shiny, modern

Love the modern sectional. Elevated backs are clean, modern - not at all frumpy/lumpy

Light on its feet, but I think we need a round or oval bed for our story...


Spot on- retro 60s but contemporary technology and very futuristic

Vintage aluminium shakers. Always loved colored aluminum cups growing up. Fun

Nice atomic chairs but the table legs are a little heavy/clunky

Sweet- light, colorful, translucent

What holds this up? Modesty :)

Organic with elevated back. More Memphis than Jetsons. I would remake in a single bright color or white for this week's muse

The wood story doesn't work for me for Jetsons, but I LOVE the design. Very robotesque

Concept table seems right on

Love this!

Recycled lamp parts on spaceship legs works

A little dark for Jetsons, but mid-century modern vibe works

Sonic chair is perfect!

Eames Rocker seems like a great fit! Organic shape, plastic, on very light legs. Go Eames!

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