Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Our friends at Wikkipedia define retro futurism as the depiction of the future as seen in the 1960's and prior, or a blending of retro styles with futuristic technology.  Got that?
However you wish to define it, the very idea of looking back in order to look ahead is a bit mind boggling and trippy, yes?
 As I mentioned on Monday, no one really did retro futurism better than Pierre Cardin.  Cardin was known for his space age unisex designs.  If Jane Jetson had been a wee bit more sophisticated and at all liberated I think she would have approved.  Lets take a took.

 In terms of fashion, retro futurism could be defined as what people in the past thought we would be wearing in the future.  Clearly they thought fashion would be androgynous, colorful and fun!

Pierre Cardin's pagoda shoulders.  Obviously not one of his better ideas.

I would wear any one of these dresses today.  Happily.
 The clothes I love best are the ones I invent for a life that doesn't yet exist: tomorrow's world.
                                                                     Pierre Cardin

The future of fashion as seen in Vogue Magazine.

I bet they get pretty clear reception with those things.

Lady Gaga interprets Flash Gordon.
Retro Futurism has always played well in Hollywood.  I can't imagine a costume designer ever turning down the chance to put their own spin on the future of fashion.  Lets look at a few examples of retro futurism in movies and television.
I supposed when your only dress is this minimalist and perfect, there is really no need to change.
 Am I the only one who thought the Star Trek uniforms were pretty hot?  Captain Kirk was probably my first t.v. crush, something about those tight black pants and fitted shirt.  Tell me I'm not alone in this.

 The following two pictures are from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which of course was a recent movie....set back in time... or is it the future?....I've never stayed awake long enough to know) which illustrates the retro futuristic assumption that in the future we will all wear a uniform.

 The following two pictures are from the movieThe Fifth Element (you're welcome Braxton) which was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.  The character of LeeLoo (again, you're welcome) wears a bandage jumpsuit designed by Gaultier but inspired by a design from the 60's.  Not kidding.

What is your take on retro futurism?  Yay or nay.
Have a beautiful day.

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Braxton and Yancey said...

Thanks for the LeeLoo pic! Yay! I liked her character in Fifth Element. Gautier's work is out there. My vote is for the flight attendant minis! Fun post! Brax

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