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Welcome to Monday.  As you know, every week  here at braxtonandyancey we introduce a new  muse.  We like to spend five days exploring how the chosen muse can influence interiors, fashion, design,  art and sometimes food and film.  Join us this week as we explore The Jetsons...yep, those Jetsons!
Honestly, I was never a huge fan of Saturday morning cartoons, but I had a brother who was.  I remember whenever I passed by the door to the t.v. den and heard a favorite theme song, I would pause long enough to see the intro before continuing with my morning.  I knew a lot of theme songs, even played a few on the piano, but rarely got pulled into watching an entire episode.  Rarely.
One cartoon I did occasionally watch was The Jetsons.  I liked the Jetson's  fun colorful space age home, the mod clothes, the space helmets they wore whenever they went outside, the moving sidewalks, and of course the maid/robot...boy was I jealous that the Jetson kids didn't have to make up their beds or wash the dishes.  Not fair! 
Anyway, lets check out those mod crazy Jetsons shall we?

Funny how in my memory Jane Jetson had a classic 60's flip.  Could her actual hairstyle have influenced the 70's wings?  For those who may not the 70's we all feathered our bangs and called them "wings" which looked a lot like Jane Jetson here.

Dig (I'll probably use a lot of words this week like dig, groovy, crazy, and mod.  Apologies in advance) the groovy (already Yancey, really?) architecture.
Notice how all the buildings are on stilts.  True Jetson's geeks claim that earth was so polluted in the year 2062 (the year the J's supposedly lived) that ones feet couldn't touch the ground.  I guess this also explains the space helmets.
 We'll be exploring modern/futuristic architecture this week.  Thank goodness we don't actually have to build our homes on stilts. 
George's bed would fold up and spit him out like a toaster in the mornings.
We'll also be exploring modern/futuristic gadgets.  Braxton pointed out to me yesterday that with all the inventions (many of which have come to pass) on the show.....big screen from vending machines.....even robots, Mr. J's boss still had to call him from a payphone.  When was the last time you saw one of those?
Wouldn't you love one of these see-through toasters?  No more burnt toast!

You know we'll be exploring modern/futuristic fashion!

Was anyone more mod than Pierre Cardin?  Groovy baby.

I want to explore modern/futuristic public spaces this week.  Braxton already did a post on  Fantastic modern night clubs, bars and restaurants - a riot of light, color, pattern and texture.  Wow Design. As seen on the sidebar to the right.  I think it's time for a Part Two.
This seems perfect for a modern airport bar.

 The Jetson's lived in the skypad apartments in Orbit City, which like all other buildings was on a very long pole rather like the Seattle Space Needle.

I would like to explore the influence of the long thin (even spindly) leg on design.  I've seen lots of atomic lamps designed this way, can you think of any others?
Love the sexy round bed, very futuristic.
Even if Saturday morning cartoons were never your thing....stick with us this week, I promise a groovy time for all.  As always....we would love for you to join in the conversation...we love hearing from you.
Have a beautiful day.

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