Friday, September 23, 2011


We talked earlier in the week about retro-futurism; what the future would look like according to hollywood futurists of the 1960's and prior.  Which got me thinking about the future of fashion as imagined by today's forward thinkers.
The following is a video of a coat of the future....much as I would like to explain what you are about to see, I can't.  Please watch...then let's talk.

Can you see the potential here?  Actually, Braxton and I have talked about this idea many times.....can you see this on a pocketbook?  Shoes?  Architecture even?  Imagine never having to purchase a new coat, just change the image.  Imagine the advertising potential!  Damn, geeks people are cool.

Please scroll forward to the next post where you will find a beautiful video of "the future of fashion" as seen by the senior class of FIT.  It says everything I wanted to say, only much more beautifully and with lovely music.
Have a Beautiful weekend everyone!

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