Thursday, September 22, 2011

Décor that Rocks The Jetson’s Muse in 3 ways, Space-age, Mod, and Mid-Century

Why Choose a Retro Futurism Story in Decorating?
One, it rocks! Two, I love an alternate reality story, like, what if 2025 really looked like the Jetson’s as envisioned in 1963? Three, I love the modern clean lines and Mid-Century Modern, and am SO TIRED of conventional Furniture Store brown wood furniture! Been seeing goopey brown wood furniture at High Point Furniture Markets for 20 years, enough already! Let’s rock modern for a while people!
Warning: Political Rant thinly veiled as home décor banter follows:
After the Bush Administration launched 2 costly and unnecessary wars, gave the rich tax breaks, and plunged us into the Great Recession, I am seriously over Boomer management. I want new furniture that is not my parent’s furniture, new décor that is not George Bush’s décor. Let’s move on and let the next generation Gen X and Y fuck things up for a while!
ANYWAY, I’ve combed my Mod archives for pictures that tell a good Jetson’s story. I’ve broken these into 3 styleways, Spaceage or classic spot on modern Jetsons, Mod – which is a more eclectic and youthful vibe, and Mid-Century – which could be Jetsons-Lite, rocking retro Mid-Century Modern vibe with elements of the Jetsons story – atomic lamps, mid-century uph and furniture, etc.
Hope you enjoy! Braxton
Let's start first with Space Age Jetsons decor...
Clean soft modern lines, bold color rocks!

Wow, Left Click to ZOOM this, very Spaceship

Spot on. Love the floating aqua glass top, white room, curved profile

OK you need to ignore the fantastic wallpaper juxt in these pics. Jetsonsesquevibe includes bold plastic furniture and modern lighting story. Love the wallpaper, but not spot on Jetsons...

Boom baby!

Dig the super shiny canary counter top - I love bold saturated color with this story

Now, lets move on to Mod Jetsons...

Much more playful and youthful, but still modern/mod, which I think works well with a less serious than the full on Modern/Spaceship

Textured wall is fun, modern, fresh

Couch tells the story, not the bookcase -, like '90s man, get an iPad dude

Love this commercial venue here and in the pics that follow...

Fuzzy pic but great mix and match saturated color and mod pieces could rock retro futurism

Love this room. So bright and colorful. Floor makes it warmer and less like a whitebox

My fav! I believe this goes with the Yellow and Orange Retro Home in the Architecture Post that follows!

Practically perfect for this muse!

Finally, Mid-Century Jetsons or Jetsons Lite...

I love the vintage pics - probably too brown wood for Jetsons, but some of these vintage pieces might work...

Shared this in the past but love it! Colorplay and Nelson clock rock this muse- Atomic baby!

Orange seems to pop up a lot in this post. Great retro color! Perhaps the best retro color along with Teal.

Love this! Clock, hanging lamps and saturated shiny red table tell the story

Room divider is the muse match here - would prefer rounds, arches and ovals to rectangles for the best match

Love the different color and textured glass

Eames table is perfect!

The rug really pulls together the story here :)

Nice. Note Jetsons wall art.

Perfect retro futurism - dinette set makes this pic

Something a little clunky about this room - perhaps its the combo of a muddy green with clear blue and red, but it's a decent fit for the story

Two Posts today - Post on Jetsons Inspired Architecture follows! Yay!

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