Monday, October 24, 2011

Orange Rooms and Home Décor – Saturated Color Spanks Beige

A Love Affair with Orange?
Yancey and I really love saturated strait from the artist’s tube color! It’s happy and extreme and is so NOT Pottery Barn beige and gray.
Pantone’s colors for 2012 include 2 shades of orange, Tangerine Tango and Solar Power (which is on the orange side of the yellow spectrum), and personally, and I know they will appreciate this :), I think they got it right. Bright saturated red/orange, and a yellow that is not washed out, but also has plenty of red in it Rocks!
The first plastic model car I built as a kid I painted bright Testor orange. It was a 60’s Mustang, and it was pretty cool. Then I got away from orange and really favored the blues and greens for a while – much more calming. For years I hated orange. Don’t know why, really. Probably because I didn’t want/need that level of color stimulation. Then we got into Mod styling a year ago and orange is back on the menu! I love it all over again. It’s bold, assertive, confident, fearless. It says look at me, love me, take me. I guess it’s the sexy red these hues that pulls that emotion.
We are beginning to see more bright orange in the marketplace. On my commute, I am seeing more Mod orange Mustangs and other contemporary muscle cars on the road. They look really retro and cool.
I’ve put together a slideshow of orange rooms and décor from my archives, along with some newly Googled images. I hope you enjoy!
Shine On! Braxton
Screen shot of Pantone's site, with link...

Sexy, bold, confident - what do you think about the blue nightstand?

Great color splash!

A little more eggyolky but beautiful room - Left click to ZOOM

Love the dark supergraphic on orange here, which pulls from the curtain and pillows

Not great decor here, but bold walls are a kick

Storyboard on right! Yay

Love the Orange leather here, with juxt of oldschool nail head trim


My fav - Primo Mod

Oldschool room but white woodwork tightens up the look, makes it tidy, more formal

Great translucent chairs

Orange and raspberry look great together

CG room with great contrast - too Halloweeny when you add black?

Well done

Great Modness here- again bright orange and raspberry

I think our work is done here :) Perfect

70's Mod

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