Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Holy cats there's a long history of religious symbolism in jewelry.....let's look at a few examples...

I've never been a catholic so I had to call on the intellectual powers of our friends at wikkipedia for the following information on the Pope's ring
 The Pope's ring is called a fisherman's ring because it shows an image of St. Peter casting a net into the sea.  It is made of gold (no surprise there) and is engraved with the Pope's official name and is used as a seal for official papal documents.  When a Pope dies the cardinals destroy the ring with a hammer as a symbolic end to his authority.
Visitors to the Vatican often kiss the Pope's fisherman's ring.
 The Celtic cross is older than the Christian cross by about two centuries and is said to bring knowledge and understanding to the wearer.
 The following are ancient examples of Egyptian jewelry which was meant to symbolize religious dominance.  The Egyptians, who were often buried with their jewelry, believed the symbols had magical and protective powers even in the afterlife.

An incredibly intricate piece of Islamic jewelry symbolising the garden of eden which is a popular motif in Islamic jewelry.
 The Ankh is a spiritual symbol of the God and Goddess which promotes communication with the divine.
When I was in high school in the 70's the ankh was very popular as a necklace...usually worn on a leather cord.

 The crown jewelry is one of the most recognized symbols of the British Monarchy (after the Queen herself of course) and many of the pieces have deep religious significance.

The Star of David along with the Christian cross are the most recognized religious symbols in the world and both have always been popular jewelry motifs.
 Personally, I think Celtic jewelry is some of the most beautiful and wearable of the religious or spiritual jewelry.
Celtic Knot earrings.  Lovely.
 Now, for some examples of modern religious jewelry as modeled by... the celebrity...
Madonna with a diamond cross.

Whoa.  Brittany Spears with wooden cross and what appears to be rosary beads in a bikini.  Oyvay.

Charlize Theron in the ever popular Kabbalah bracelet... said to ward off the evil eye.

Clearly Kabbalah bracelets bring joy and happiness.

Enrique Inglesias wearing rosary beads while preforming.

Can you spot the Kabbalah bracelet?

A grouping of religious charms on a D&G pocketbook.

I'm not sure about the symbolism here, but this I love.

Does this count if I call it "skin jewelry"?  Do you/would you have a tattoo of a religious symbol?
Wow, that was fun.  Hope you enjoyed.  Please know that no offense is ever intended on this blog.
Have a beautiful day.

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