Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Few of us will be able to leisurely peruse the Riccardo Tisci guest edited edition of Visionaire ( religion is the theme) due to it's $400.00+ price tag, (this is after all ART, people)....which is why I want to share these fantastic images with you.
Riccardo Tisci is of course the creative director of Givenchy, and is widely thought to be in the running for the same position at Dior recently vacated by John Gallano.  Fingers crossed for you, Mr. Tisci.
 Catholic born, and still practicing, Riccardo Tisci reenacted various biblical scenes for the spread.
"The collection of work celebrates religion, inner truths, inner dialogues, moments which words cannot quantify."

 According to the Visionaire press release Tusci "draws inspiration from religion as a synonym for obsession, ritual, worship, apparition and the celebration of humanity."
"This is Madonna and child.  It's an image that was first introduced hundreds of years ago, and reinterpreted for today."  Riccardo Tisci

"This image comes from the classic sarcophagus, the kind that was carved for cardinals and popes."  Riccardo Tisci

 Before he presents each new collection, he "prays and puts salt in the four corners of the space to avoid negative energy.  I'm superstitious, that is very much a part of religion."
 "There are a lot of nudes in religious painting and sculpture.  Christ is portrayed nude, angels are portrayed nude, we are all born naked."

Visionaire is a multi-format album of fashion and art produced in exclusive numbered limited addition.
Feeling a bit under the weather today.  First cold I've had in years, forced me to break my veggie streak and drink a steaming cup of chicken broth this morning.  Nothing ever tasted so good.

Have a beautiful day.

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