Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last week I mentioned that I would be giving weekly updates on the progress of our studio re-do.  I think I even said the updates would be on Fridays.  Oops!
Because of a wicked long appointment I have tomorrow morning, Braxton will be filling in (if for some reason he can' I don't know....his other full time JOB.....I promise I won't leave you all alone...I'll find a way to post at some time tomorrow) anyway, what was I saying?  Oh ....I was explaining why the update is on Thurs. rather than Fri.....because Braxton has much more fascinating things to post about than our studio re-do, that's why.
On with the show....
When I showed you the "before" pics of our studio last week, I purposely left out one corner of the room.  It was just too embarrassing.  Now I have no choice.  Behold...the unmade bunk beds.
The idea is to un-bunk the beds, store the top bunk in the attic for now, and use the bottom bunk as a day bed.
 Braxton dis-assembled the top bunk and moved the mattress from the top to the bottom bunk giving us an extra thick cushy day bed.
 He then decided to move the bunky board from the top bunk to the bottom, meaning he had to take the mattresses off again.  Why?  I have no idea.
 If you recall from last week, our plan is for a black and white color scheme through out the studio.  Here's our chance to get started with the theme.  First stop T. J. Maxx.
At TJM we found two sets of subtle black and white pin striped sheets.  We needed two sets because we needed two fitted sheets for the two mattresses.  We also found two large black fake fur pillows, or "wookies" as Braxton calls them.
You can see from the photo above that the sheets and pillows were not quite doing it.  So....
I found two king size bed pillows (actually I took them off one of the beds upstairs) and covered them with the top sheets.  My God, what a wrinkled mess.  This will not do.
 So, now it's off to Target.  Again, we were looking only for black and white, but Target had something else in mind...autumn.  Really Target?  Does every single bloody comforter have to be in fall colors?  With our heads hung low, we're off for the exit, when we thought why not check out the kids section...just in case?  Where we found lots of fab bright clear colors, and low and and white!  Yippee.
We found this nifty twin size comforter.....
 and matching shams.  Things are looking up....but still.....
 So, I brought back the two sheet wrapped pillows. We're getting there.
 What this baby needs is two furry wookies!  Finally.  I think our work here is done....for now.
 Bonus...we now have a totally blank white wall.  Hmmmm. . what to do....
I'm thinking black and white photos in black frames. What's your opinion?

Yep, this we love.

Tomorrow it's back to our regularly scheduled program, I promise.
Have a beautiful day.

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Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a pretty transformation. I won't even show you the corner of my used to be craft room!

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