Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm actually taking the day off today...happy 11-11-11!!  Does anyone else think this day is just too cool to pass up the chance to celebrate?  The fact that it falls on Fri. just makes it irresistible. 

But, I didn't want to leave you high and dry so....I found some rather random, yet inspiring, transparent design.   Let's begin with conservatories/greenhouses.....
A room with glass walls and a glass roof, the conservatory originated in the 16th century when wealthy landowners wished to grow citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, after returning from visits to warmer climates where such fruits grew naturally.

The 19th century was the golden age of the conservatory in England.  With the English love of gardening, and new technologies in glass and heating, the greenhouse became ubiquitous in the English countryside.

Okay, so this is actually a poolhouse not a greenhouse, but clearly the inspiration is there.

Moving on the aquariums.   I've never been a big fan of fish tanks/aquariums in private homes, something about seeing those fish swimming back and forth, back and forth, just seems sad.  The following aquariums, however, are more like fancy resort hotels....for fish.

On to ice hotels....made of snow, sculpted blocks of ice, and steel framing, ice hotels are indeed temporary.
In this Swedish Ice Hotel even the glassware in the bar is made from ice.

Sub-freezing temperatures are required during construction and operation of ice hotels.  For obvious reasons each hotel must be reconstructed every year of it's operation.

This is actually an ice chapel.  Notice the fur throws on the seating.

Just for fun, just because it's Friday.....beautiful ice sculptures!   Man, people are truly amazing.

My favorite thing I've seen all week.  Charming!!
Braxton and I have had a thing for multiple 1's ever since college...not sure why, but we always take them as a good sign.  What could be a better sign than 11-11-11?

Have a beautiful weekend.
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