Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 I have nothing against nudity, in fact if not for the hygiene factor and the law, which would obviously be prohibitive, I wouldn't care if we lived in a clothing optional world.  I personally don't have a nudist streak, but to each his own. 
However, when it comes to the art of allure, nudity is not the answer.  Even the loveliest of human bodies benefit from a little covering up, especially as we get older.  I'd have to ask, but I bet most men (over the age of 12) would agree that a little mystery can be very sexy.  Yet, the new trend in sheer fashion can be a bit tricky to pull off.  Let's take it to the experts......

 Nicole Fabian-Weber of The Stir offers these three tips for wearing sheer clothing..
  1. If your bra will be showing, wear a slightly darker bra than whatever sheer you are wearing.  For example if you are wearing a sheer white top, wear a tan or flesh colored bra.  If you are wearing a black sheer top, a black bra looks best.
  2. A bit of a tan looks better than pasty white under sheer.  I don't necessarily agree with this one, but if you do decide to tan please be smart about it.
  3. Wear you hair loose and down.  This is definitely not a buttoned-up look.

 If you're concerned about showing too much skin, the obvious answer is layering.  The blouse shown in the picture below could easily been worn under a vest, jacket or sweater.  A sheer blouse can also be layered over a t-shirt or camisole.  Really, anyone should be able to wear the sheer trend, just decide how much skin you are comfortable exposing and layer accordingly.

If you're not yet comfortable with the sheer trend, you can start slowly by adding transparent accessories.  Clear plastic or acrylic pocketbooks are so chic,  I truly love this look.

I can't even imagine where this would be appropriate.  This is why runway shows are so much fun, they show us the possibilities not just the realities.

I think Drew Barrymore looks completely lovely and lady- like in this 20's inspired dress with it's hint of sheer.

The ultimate transparent accessory....Cinderella's glass slipper.
Do you indulge in the sheer trend?  Any tips you'd like to share?

Have a beautiful day.

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