Monday, December 12, 2011


Welcome to another addition of New Muse Monday when we introduce the theme for the week....this weeks theme or muse is hot pink/fuchsia!
 I actually had a lot of difficulty knowing what to call this color.  According to Wikkipedia, fuchsia and magenta are synonymous and very close to what the fashion industry calls hot pink.  Then there is the added problem of how the computer screen translates color....oh my.  Can we all agree that hot pink/fuchsia/magenta or what ever you want to call it is a kick ass color, looks great on just about everyone and makes us smile...really big?
Little pink houses for you and me.
Of course we'll be talking about hot pink fashion this week.  Is there anyone out there who doesn't like to wear this color?  I would love to know why.
I would feel like a goddess in this dress.
Let's talk about the cosmetics industries love affair with hot pink.  Would you be bold enough to wear fuchsia eye lashes?

Let's talk about hot pink in decor.  I love the impact of the chair in the picture above....otherwise the room would be lovely but a little bit dull. 
  Check out the wow factor when various shades of pink are applied to every surface, even the ceiling! 

Obviously this is a beautiful face, but the magenta lipstick takes it to another level....gorgeous!

This handsome man proves that hot pink is not just for the ladies.
I'd be tickled pink if you'd join in the conversation (sorry, couldn't resist).  What's your opinion on hot pink?  Do you decorate with bold pink?  Wear it?  What do you think are the best colors to combine with fuchsia?  Does the man in your life wear pink?

Have a beautiful day.

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