Friday, December 9, 2011


In the early 1800's Hawaii's King Kamehameha II abolished the religious practice of separating men and women at meals.  The good king celebrated this wisdom by inviting the women of the island to a festive dining experience and the Luau or Hawaiian party was born. 
All of my favorite colors!

Traditionally no utensils are used at the finger food is imperative.

I love this idea for a wreath made of tiny paper umbrellas!

Nothing says "happy" like hot tropical colors.

 When I was a little girl my mother used to make a salad with canned pineapple rings on a bed of lettuce, topped with a (disgusting to me) dollop of mayonnaise and a cherry.  Trust me, this was rather exotic fare, although I believe all the suburban moms of that time had access to this recipe thanks to the women's magazines of the day.
Who do we really have to thank for the impressive canned pineapple?  James Dole, that's who.  The Dole company, born in Hawaii in 1900, was the first to sell pineapple in a can.  Suburban moms everywhere thank you Mr. Dole.

Assuming a forgot to pack my grass skirt, I would wear any of the following to a Luau.
This would look fantastic with a little bit of a tan.

Even with the bright and busy print, the nipped in waist and knee length hem make this one perfect for petites.

The color of this kills me.  Oh joy.

I hope you've enjoyed Tiki week.  Join us on Monday when we will introduce a new muse, as always.
Have a beautiful weekend.

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Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Those cupcakes look wonderful -- I LOVE that cute! We've got tickets to South Pacific next Friday. Have a great weekend!

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