Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Bar ware from the mid century to the present

Anyone who's ever watched a movie set in the mid 20th century, or watched an episode of MadMen knows that the cocktail party ruled.  If Don Draper and his co ad men are to be believed, drinking was even tolerated (or in some cases expected) in the office during working hours.  I wonder if there's any truth to that?
Let's check out some bar ware from the mid century....


Every bar needs a cocktail shaker...love the dots.

The glasses above and below are typical of the mid century.  Braxton and I see this kind of thing in vintage stores a lot...simple repetitive motifs in one or two colors and gold.  Notice how small the glasses are compared to modern drinking glasses.

Lots of glass shakers had recipes printed on them.

Braxton and I actually have these glasses and ice bucket, but I've never seen the shaker in person.

It was very popular to have sets of things in the mid century and to display them together in a metal carrier.

These are very unusual...I've never seen anything like them.

We have a similar set, but without the etching.  Ever notice that Don Draper drinks from a similar glass?

I would love a vintage bar cart.  This one is gorgeous!

I love the modern minimalism of these martini glasses and shaker...like something in a laboratory.
Cocktail parties are a great way to entertain when you live in a small house, as we do.  They usually don't last longer than a couple of hours, therefore you don't need to provide a chair for everyone. 

Graphic modern black and white.

Monogramming is so hot right now...these would make great gifts.

Only looks old.

Cool and Burtonesque.

I assume these were a promotional item...waaay to delicate for actual human begins who have had a cocktail or two.

This just strikes me as a really bad idea, but I do think they're funny and I love the colors.

I love glassware with a substantial bottom.  Pretty yet sturdy.

Interesting...again like a science experiment.

Could this be any more beautiful? 

I don't see many modern bar carts that I really like...this is an exception.  Very cool.
Do you host cocktail parties?  What's your secret to a successful party?  Do you collect bar ware?

Have a beautiful day.

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Leslie R. said...

I just started working on sort of a bar area. So much fun MCM stuff to hunt for in terms of bar and entertaining!

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