Friday, February 17, 2012


Love has many faces
Obviously I'm not the first to make this observation...but, isn't it funny that there is only one word in the English language for love?  Really, just one? 
There are so many kinds of love...romantic love, parental love, love of chocolate (which definitely deserves its own word!), sisterly/brotherly love, love of beauty, nature, food, pets...I mean come on, the list is long, yet only one word.
In celebration of love, and I do believe all love should be celebrated, I found some lovely examples.
Because I never get tired of cute animal pictures.

This may just be PMS talking...but this is exactly how I feel about chocolate right now.

This one made me cry...he is seeing his three week old daughter for the first time.


This reminds me of my girls.  Sisterly love.

Those of you who are mothers...remember when you were pregnant with your first?  You were probably worried about a million different things...will I be a good mom?  Will I be able to breast feed?  Will I ever fit into those jeans again?  When you held your baby for the first time you knew it would all be okay because at that moment you fell hopelessly in love...and you've carried that with you ever since.

When I said earlier that I thought all love should be celebrated...I meant all.

Happy weekend everyone!  Hope it's filled with love.

*Sorry if I made you think you were being invited to a wedding.

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