Friday, March 16, 2012


Stalking the modern white kitchen.
 I mentioned earlier in the week that I'm pretty much over the white kitchen.  Yes, I realize that puts me at odds with the vast majority of American home owners, can't help it.
I decided to give pinterest and google a week to change my me a world of white kitchens that would blow me away.  My criteria was this...
  • white cabinets
  • white walls
  • modern aesthetic
  • can't look like an operating room
  • absolutely no farmhouse style
Easy right?  Have you researched white kitchens lately?  Don't try this at home unless you have lots and lots of time and coffee.
End result?  I did find a few kitchens I actually do like, some I even love, and  a couple I lust after.  Wanna see?
Love...the industrial quality, the white bricks, the hardware.

Like....this one is borderline OR.'s small, simple...maybe a little too simple.

Lust...I know, I know, it's sooo similar to the last one, perhaps it's the sunlight streaming in, or those perfectly adorable stools, or the JA pottery...but lust it is.

Love...the industrial clock, the hardware, the galley style.

Like...this one is borderline farmhouse.

Lust!...this one breaks two of my own rules.  Only the top cabinets are white and the walls are papered, but OMG that paper!  I could absolutely see myself in this kitchen.  Dancing, cooking, drooling.

Like...again, borderline OR.

Like...the black counter tops add a lot of warmth, the black/white tiles give me a headache.

Lust...the wooden floors, the stools, the adorable lights, the lit cabinets!

Love...the pop of red...this one is just so fun!
Seriously, it was very difficult to find white kitchens that were not farmhouse or country in style, or too sterile.  Which one's your favorite?
Have a beautiful weekend!

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