Monday, March 12, 2012


Fresh, clear, pure, clean, heavenly, bright, innocent, angelic...white!
Have you seen The Artist yet?  Remember the scene when she goes to visit him in the hospital?  She runs into the building and turns a corner into an all white corridor...nurse in white dress sitting at white desk, white floors, white walls...she enters his room, the intense sun shining against the snow white walls, his snow white bed, white pajamas, white sheets and blankets...everything glows...heavenly.  The white of that room is the level of intensity I just can't get enough of.  In my perfect world, everything white would glow!
You guys know how much I love color...still, I can't imagine a world without clean, heavenly, glowing white.
Modern decor in snow white is perhaps an impossibility for most people with dogs, cats, kids, husbands...but let's explore the dream of an all white room this week.

I haven't had a pair of white jeans in years...I think that's about to change.

When decorating with white I think adding lots of textures keeps things interesting.

I admit to an aversion for white kitchens...had one for years, myself, but can't imagine ever having one again.  This week I WILL find a white kitchen that I like.  I will.

As long as it's clean, white almost never looks sloppy....there is just something snappy about an all white outfit, dontchathink?

My hair began to turn grey in college.  I feel so fortunate that  now when I wear it pulled back into a bun or pony, the hair that naturally falls forward to frame my face is a pure snow white.  How lucky am I?

Would you have the nerve?

Please join us this week as we explore white as muse.  Let's talk about white in decor, fashion, hair and makeup...anything and everything.
What's your opinion of white?
Have a beautiful day.

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