Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The naughty/nice of white lingerie
 If I were the type of person who would allow a total stranger to wonder through my lingerie drawer...you would learn a few things about me.
1.  I've been many sizes through out the years.
2.  My husband prefers short.
3.  I'm relatively modest,with a few exceptions,  thanks to a few battle scars, ya know.
4.  My lingerie is as colorful as the rest of my wardrobe
5.  I've been married a really long time
6.  I have every thing from spanx/granny panties to Hot holy mother of god, the kids have left for college...and at the same time!!!  Did I mention exceptions?
7.  I definitely need to stock up on more white undies.

Once upon a time, when I was a frequent flier at Victoria's Secret, they would send me a new catalog several times a month.  Those were the years of the Canterbury nightdress,  remember those?  They were white cotton, long, thin, cool and comfortable and improbably sexy.  Braxton loved them, and would buy me new one a couple of times a year.  If you've never slept in white cotton, you don't know what you're missing.  White cotton (or satin, lace, silk...) is both sweet and sexy, naughty and nice, innocent and knowing...depending on how you wear it of course.

"Every year, the goddess Hera took a bath to regain her virginity, then she had a good time the rest of the year.  So maybe wearing white is like getting your virginity back"  Vera Manzi,Schacht

Do you wear white lingerie?  Does it make you feel like a goddess? 
Have a beautiful day

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Leslie R. said...

Love it! Perusing fancy handmade lingerie on Etsy is so fun!

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