Friday, April 13, 2012



First up:  blue/pink

 I love blue and pink together!  Of the three combinations I think this one is the easiest to pull off because so many shades of blue and pink work together.  You can go bold (like the picture above) or soft (like the picture below) or a combination of the two which tends to be tricky with other colors.

I admit I have a soft spot for prep, it's so dang tidy.  The soft pink sweater lends femininity to an otherwise unisex style.  I always add a girly feature to a preppy outfit, usually bold lipstick or jewelry.

I don't normally go for smoky or  dirty colors, but this works.

My invite must have been lost in the mail, so sorry I missed out on this one!
                                                NEXT:  BLUE + ORANGE
Welcome to my fantasy tropical hideaway!

Does anyone know where I can find these?  Love!

How could I not include this little guy?

I never get enough of super shiny walls, and that orange tufted sofa, oh my.

 Around here, wearing orange and blue together is a little tricky.  People will assume you are a UVA fan, which I daughter being a recent graduate...still.  I can't help but love this combo.  Yes!

Not exactly my style, but I think this works because the quality of the blue and orange are so similar, both soft and dusty.

Do I spy three piles of Hermes boxes?

                                                 LAST:  BLUE + RED

There is something about blue and red together that just looks so...jaunty. If you don't mind veering into nautical or patriotic territory, you can't go wrong with a red/white/blue combination, the white makes everything snap.

Wow I love this belt.  This outfit is pretty much what I wear every weekend (without the five strands of pearls).

What's your favorite combination.  How about blue/green or blue/purple which I absolutely love!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!  Enjoy spring.


Leslie R. said...

I love these combos! I discovered early in life that I don't understand "matching," so bold combos are perfect for me!

Braxton and Yancey said...

I loved what you said about "not understanding matching". I'm right there with you!
Bold combos tell a story of confidence and happiness!
Have a bold weekend!

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