Monday, April 16, 2012


I'll have what they're having.
It's entirely possible to decorate in the mid century modern style without including a bar I've been told.  Why would you?
Braxton and I have been on the lookout for a bar cart for quite a while.  I'm certain you've noticed how popular they have become and are featured over and over in the latest shelter zines.  Finding a vintage one....modern with a nod to old Hollywood, affordable, not too large, in excellent condition...proved to be more difficult than we imagined.  Most of the ones we found were....too delicate, more "tea cart" than bar cart, victorian-esque, super expensive, or we just didn't like them.

A couple of weekends ago, we were wondering around a fantastic old house which has recently become an antique store, when we bumped into.....

Do you see what I see?  Under all those horrible lace doilies and shit?  Yes, it's perfect!
 Because the owners were still setting up the vignettes, we couldn't find anyone to give us a price, so we left our gorgeous cart and went home.
I called the next day and was told someone would call me back with a right.
Finally the next day I got the call.  $150.00.  Not bad, but B. and I don't fork over money we thought about it...a lot...I even dreamed up a few furniture designs based on the cart.  It had to be ours!  (BTW:  We ended up paying $130.00 for it , not because we haggled, I hate that, but because the original price was misquoted.  Happy dance!)
This is completely un-styled, and yes, all we had in the house was an embarrassingly large bottle of mid priced bourbon.
 I can't wait to go to the ABC store and peruse all the pretty bottles.  What should we buy?  What's on your bar cart?  Do you have a favorite cocktail recipe you'd like to share?
 Naturally, once I owned the bar cart of my dreams I got nosy and decided to try and find similar ones and price them.
I love the one's definitely fancier than ours, but could be the same manufacturer. Hmmmm.
 Again, close, but not quite.
 Bingo!  Found on Craigslist/Boston.  "Excellent condition, circa 1980, $245.00".  Who's good!
 The following are some nifty pics I found while nosing around.  Enjoy.
This wins for being the most unique.  Love the colors!

Bar cart as side

Love the Danish Modern style of this.

Sexy mid century styling.  Perfect for James Bond.

What's this?  Another bar cart just like mine!  This one was found on a fancy vintage site..."Mid century bar cart, 1960's, excellent condition, $875.00".  Someone please pick me up off the floor.
Don't you love when that happens?

Have a beautiful day.

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