Thursday, April 26, 2012


 Of course I have much love for jonathan adler...who doesn't?  Anyone who appreciates happy colorful design, who wants to absolutely love their home, who has a modern aesthetic, must love JA.  Check out his showroom at market.....I dare you not to smile!
I love that JA took something old and stuffy, yep, I'm talking needlepoint pillows, and made them cool!

Damn I'm in love with that wooden floor lamp.

When our girls were little they had a saying..."happy happy joy joy".    Perfect description of this chair.

Check out the MCM room divider against the wall.

Groovy stuff Jonathan, as always.  Love love love.
 The following pictures are NOT brought to you by Jonathan Adler.
This was a wall hanging Braxton was enamoured with...he asked me to take this pic.  I wonder what he has in  mind for this?  Can't wait to find out.

I'm not really certain what it is about this's small, which I love, it's beige(ish) which I don't love, it's asymmetrical, again's really kind of glamorous, don't ya think?

I wish you could have seen this pillow in person...I swear it glowed.  Glowed.

One more from the "antique market".  These blue chairs were perhaps the most vibrant thing I saw all week.  Heaven.
I didn't post yesterday... my bad.  Actually, it was good.  I spent the entire day at my upstairs desk, the one looking out of the window at the most magical pear tree in the world, and I drew.  All day.  I drew patterns for fabric ideas, inspirations from market, doodles.  I've found my thrill.  Drawing paper, colored pencils, colorful sharpies, tracing paper, a stack of c.d.'s, fresh coffee.  God I love my life!  I hope you love yours too!
Have a beautiful day.

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