Monday, April 30, 2012


The Mid Century Modern Room Divider Rules!
Of all the accent pieces we'll be talking about this week, the room divider is the most essential for a truly MCM look.
Because we live in a small house, Braxton and I can't seem to figure out how to incorporate this iconic piece into our own decor.  We don't have a room large enough to be "divided", we dare put a room divider against a wall or in front of a window?  I've seen it done, in photographs, but I'm still not so sure.  Perhaps a room divider just isn't in the cards for us....but that hasn't kept me from swooning over these.....enjoy!

I love that these pieces are bunchable, meaning the sides are flat allowing the pieces to be placed next to each other without any gap.

A pretty and delicate laser cut metal screen.

Classic MCM.  We've run into several of these and they rarely appear well made.  This one looks fun.

This piece is gorgeous!  Love the danish modern influence.

When styling a classic MCM piece, it's important to keep things sparse.  This is not the place for your Hummel collection or a thousand best sellers.  A piece of art glass + a small stack of books + and a piece of pottery or two = perfect!

Love the DM legs on this one...simple and elegant.

This one is clearly substantial enough to be placed against a wall, it fact, it's probably best.

 The next three can be found on 1st dibs, for those of you with deep (really deep) pockets!

Does anyone remember when I posted about our "Biggs" sofa?  No?  It's here...
Over the weekend B. and I were at an estate sale in our neighborhood and we ran into someone who recognized me as the "biggs lady" and said that he had purchased the sofa from the antiques dealer we had sold it to, and that it lived in his living room and he loved it!
So nice to know that Braxtons grandmothers sofa is being loved and well cared for.

Please join us this week for accent pieces muse...we'll talk about magazine racks, coffee tables and end tables, lamps and clocks!
Have a beautiful day.


Braxton and Yancey said...

Sweeeet!Love room divider furniture.Rocks! Brax

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I wonder if the day will come that my granddaughters will be loving "vintage 80's" decor!

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