Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 No one in our household smokes, or has ever smoked, nor can I imagine the circumstances which would cause us to smoke in the future.  We do, however, collect mid century ashtrays...bet you saw that one coming didn't you?
We never set out to collect ashtrays...turns out the little buggers are as addictive as red velvet cupcakes...or nicotine!
I'm especially fond of the glass ones.  Can you believe  people actually put out cigs in these beauties?
This is hands down my favorite.  Love the color.  I would definitely use this on my desk for paperclips (people do still use those, right?), or in my bathroom for cotton balls.

I see one perfect gardenia floating in this on my coffee table.

I would use three of these on my dining room table with a votive candle in each.  This would obviously also make a nice candy dish.

I would use this on my dressing table for jewelry.

This one qualifies as art and stands on it's own.  Gorgeous!

This is one of a pair that B. and I found in Bedford in a vintage shop.  Made by Royal Haeger and apparently one of about a bazillion because there is no shortage of these on etsy and ebay.  I've found them from $16.00 to $36.00 each for ones in "excellent condition".  These are painted with 22k gold...how schmancy!  They live on either side of our sofa on our mid century side tables.  I like them perfectly plain...no cigs, no flowers, no candles...just kitchy perfection.

Have a beautiful day.

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