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verner panton - danish designer/innovator

 Yesterday I wrote about my theory that some artists ask permission and some do not....Mr. Panton was one who did not.  After thinking more deeply about what was said in yesterdays post, I have come to the conclusion that what separates those who do and those who do not ask permission is... innovation.  Does one  need to ask permission to innovate?
Mr. Steve Jobs put it best (not an exact quote, my memory is not that reliable) when he said the consumer does not know what it wants until we give it to them, in fact if Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted in terms of transportation, they would have said...a faster horse.

Just so you'll know, I have been told, by someone smarter than myself, named Braxton, that my theory is rather like swiss cheese and perhaps I need to think a little harder.  Point taken.

I briefly mentioned Verner Panton in my post Great Danes....  Let's look at a few more photos of his work. 
After time spent studying architecture (don't they all?) in Copenhagen, Verner Panton collaborated with Arne Jacobsen on several innovative furniture designs including the famous Ant Chair.  By the mid-50's Mr. P., having established a design and architecture office of his own, became well know for his innovative architectural ideas which included a collapsible house, a cardboard house and a plastic house.
At an exhibit at the Kobestaevnet trade fair, Panton turned the room up side down by carpeting the ceiling and inverting all of the furniture and lighting.  The next year, at another fair, he covered the ceiling in silver foil.  Remember this was the 1950's and this was the stuff of magic and innovation!

Unlike most Danish designers of the day, Verner Panton had a revolutionary approach to design, producing boldly innovative products and projects using state of the art materials and technology.
Had VP asked permission, would he have been allowed to play so freely with his toys?  I'm guessing not.

Random:   On the drive back home from the Blue Ridge Parkway on Sun. Braxton pulled the car over so that I could photograph this gorgeous flower.  I had no idea Wisteria was so lovely up close, or that is smells faintly like smoke!

Have a beautiful day.

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Braxton and Yancey said...

Love his work! So colorful, modern and playful! Excellent post. Lov Brax

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