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                                                                     Paul McCobb 1917-1969
This and the following six pics. are from the site
Due to his early death, he died at 52, Paul McCobb is less well known than many of his contemporaries of the mid-century modern design world.
He began his career as an interior designer, turning to furniture design in 1950, with no formal training.  
At the height of his career, the 1950's, Paul McCobb was referred to as "Americas decorator", although I believe others have been called that since.
McCobbs early designs were flexible, practical and affordable ( his later designs were considered more luxurious), making them perfect for post WW11 middle class America.  He designed one of the best selling furniture collections of the 1950's, including his "living walls" which were movable room dividers, which unfortunately I couldn't find pics. of.
The thing that amazes me about McCobbs designs is his use of long, thin, wonky legs on some of his pieces.  How do those things even stand up?
Enjoy the pics....

Opps!  This lamp was actually designed by Gerald Thurston for Lightolier as pointed out by eagle eyed reader Jonathan, who happens to author the site  If you want to know more about Mr. McCobb...check out his blog!

This and the following seven pics. are from 1st. dibs.  Just in case you have a little too much money in your pocket.


This and the next pic. are from Etsy.

Spring has definitely come to Virginia, yall.
Raise your hand if you love Paul McCobb.  Me too.
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Jonathan Goldstein said...


Great article! But I should mention that the lamp you have pictured here is a design by Gerald Thurston for Lightolier…


Jonathan Goldstein

Author of the Paul McCobb blog

Braxton and Yancey said...

Thank you so much for the correction...I always welcome input by those who know more than I. I'm still learning, obviously.
Thanks for stopping by.

Jonathan Goldstein said...

You guys are doing great. Love what you've been posting on ere.


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