Monday, May 14, 2012


 When I was a piano student my teacher once asked me to name my favorite color.  I immediately looked around the room for clues as to what might be her favorite color (I refer to this as people pleasing, Braxton refers to this as youngest child syndrome.  Whatever.)  I knew immediately I had guessed correctly...for her response to my answer was..."oh green is my favorite color too!"  Score one for people pleasing!

Oddly enough, the positive response from my teacher had me believing, for years, that my favorite color was in fact green.  Not so, it was actually yellow.
Now that I'm ----- yrs. old, and no longer have an overwhelming need to please, I can confidently tell you that my favorite color is  pink.  Today.  But I do absolutely adore green!

 Braxton keeps telling me I should wear more green, given that my eyes are greenish.  I have tried.  A very tricky color, green.  I've had pretty good luck with green eye shadow (it really does bring out the color of my eyes), but when it comes to putting the color of nature of my body...not so much.  Are you able to successfully wear green?
 Most people find green to be a relaxing color, I know I do, making it an easy choice for decorating.  I especially love to see green in a room with large windows that look out at green trees and grass, making for an uninterrupted green view.  So pretty.
 Green is refreshing, clean, natural.  No wonder the eco movement chose green as their signature color!

The underside of a large green leaf.  I took this pic. at our community garden last year.  I would love to blow this up and frame it for my living room wall.
Did you see Atonement?  Didn't you just love this dress on her?
Let's go green this week.  Let's talk about green in fashion, decor and nature. 
Is green your favorite color?  Emerald or Jade?  Grass or Army?  Preppy green anyone?
Have a beautiful day.

FYI:  I used the word green twenty times in this short post.  Don't I get a prize or something?

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