Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Our little house is surrounded by trees.  Although we live smack in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, our yard is home to so many trees that when B. and I sit in our living room we often remark that we feel like we live in a tree house.  It's one of the things I love most about our house.

Tree house.  What images do those two words conjure up for you?  Childhood?  Adventure?  Serenity?  Elves and fairies?  Peter Pan?  Summer?  Me too.

I never had a tree house as a kid, not even sure I ever wanted one, but I wouldn't turn down the chance to spend some time in one of these beauties....
Have you ever crossed a swinging bridge?  Braxton and I did recently.  One word....scary!

Appears to be built with recycled materials.  This I love, a truly  green house.

The beauty of this really inspires me.  If this thing is heated...I am so there.

I wonder if they give tours?  I love that they put a traditional lamp inside!

 Love how the one above, and the one below, both have trees growing right through the center.

This one appears to have landed there.
When I see photos like these it reminds me how amazingly creative people can be.  I imagine the people who built these houses have hearts  filled with child-like wonder 
and have enormous respect for nature.  It takes a pretty daring soul to build such a precarious structure...to have such faith in mother earth...to live among the trees.

Have you ever been in a tree house?
Have a beautiful day.

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Braxton and Yancey said...

Love tree houses. The first one is my fav! Cool post! Brax

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