Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 One of the things we love most here at braxton and yancey, is saturated happy color!
But then you knew that, right?
I would have no problem naming five, ten,or even hundreds of things that make me happy, but I do know that color would be near the top of every list.
We love to wear color, talk about color, design colorful things and decorate in layers of happy color.

YELLOW  is considered a high energy color, making people feel creative and cheerful..

 Red is the color of love and celebration.

 The color green reminds us of nature and encourages nurturing.

 Blue is mysterious and fresh.

 Orange is exotic and exciting.

 Most people agree that bright colors are the "happiest".

You said it, Mr. Sinatra!
Let's talk this week about what makes us happy.  What is happy decor?  Happy fashion?  Happy art?  Happy food?
What makes YOU happy?  Share, won't you?
Have a happy day.

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