Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 There have been quite a few studies lately equating a well organized house, car and office with happiness.  Our daily lives are busy, noisy and messy at times, and things, lots of things, happen over which we have little control, which is why most of us crave control over our home environments.  Clutter, which is out of control, makes us cranky.  I've read that people who drive to work in a messy car arrive in a worse mood than their tidier co-workers.  It makes perfect sense that a clean, quiet, well organized home will lift our mood.

Let's talk about organization...

 When Braxton and I decided to redecorate our house one of the goals was to get rid of things we either didn't use anymore or we were tired of looking at, the worst offenders were the piles and piles of books...they were everywhere, on practically every surface, even under the sofa!

We live in a city with an enviable library system and a shiny new branch right in our neighborhood...why have so many books at home when I could borrow them anytime from the library?  I did the unthinkable and gave away most of my books (after shuffling through each one to make certain there were no forgotten love letters or hundred dollar bills, because I'm optimistic like that).
I took boxes of novels to Goodwill, keeping only my absolute faves.  I kept all of the design books and cookbooks, and most of the spiritual/well being books, and they all now fit nicely in two book cases and are no longer all over the house.  Happy indeed!

 Now, I'm about to say something crazy.....American homes have too much storage space.  No, I didn't hit my head, I really mean it.  When we have access to extra space, such as attics, basements, and garages, we store stuff in them....for ever. I know because I do it too!  Chances are, if something is packed in a sealed cardboard box in your attic year after year, you probably don't need it, but someone else may.  Think about it.*
 Speaking of organizing....don't.  Consider throwing (or giving) it away instead.  We all, my self included, have been overwhelmed by our own clutter, and thought, I really need to organize this stuff,  when what we really need to do is get rid of it.  Every time I fill up a box for Goodwill, or fill up my trash can, it feels great.  Don't waste your time organizing something that you will never use.

According to an article I read (somewhere!) the biggest culprit for clutter is...paper.  If you are holding on to old magazines (a big problem for me) or newspaper clippings, you're probably keeping something which can easily be found on the Internet.  Throw that stuff away, and feel better!
*I'm sorry if that sounded a little preachy.

Just in case you are thinking I live in an impeccably organized house...allow me to destroy your illusions... but I'm working toward it and it feels so....happy!
Have a happy day.

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