Monday, May 21, 2012


 Braxton and I spent a lot of time on our patio last weekend.  The weather was perfect here in our little corner of Virginia...sunny, 70's, just enough humidity but not too much.  We talked a lot about our love of nature, being outdoors, sunshine and how we would love to incorporate more natural touches in the interior of our house. 
Mid century decor can be tricky when it comes to bringing the outdoors in.  The style we love is identified with clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and lots of space between objects.  Is there room for houseplants?  Yes. Pine cones, rocks or fall leaves?  Umm, no.  So, how to begin bringing nature inspiration indoors?  Let's talk this week about...MCM planters, patio furniture, landscaping, plant specimens, privacy walls, breeze ways and the blending on outdoor/indoor decor.  Are you with me?
I love this kind of landscaping, but it's definitely  suited for a more arid climate than we have here.


Am I alone in my admiration for the airstream?  I don't really want to travel in one..but I kind of want to park  it in my driveway.

Large glass plate windows looking out into the tree tops.  Heaven!

Imagine the shadows a privacy screen like this would make.

An unusually large number of plants for MCM decor.  This works though, right?

Love the simplicity, and again with the privacy screen.

Restraint...a hallmark of MCM design.
Did you spend time outdoors last weekend?  How many plants do you have in your house?  When we were in our country/Victorian phase (yes, I am embarrassed to admit it) we had approx. 100 plants!  They were everywhere.  Now we have two large planters on the hearth,  so much better.
Please join us this week for indoor/outdoor muse, and as always, please feel free to comment.  We love hearing from you.
Have a beautiful day.

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