Thursday, May 3, 2012


 Braxton has been asking me all week to do a post on tension/pole lamps, and every time he's mentioned it I've had the same thought...I'm not sure I even like tension lamps, I mean they're kind of tacky, right?
I take back (almost) every bad thought I had about tension/pole lamps.  Sure enough you have to be pretty committed to the MCM look for include one of these, but nothing lends a mid century vibe like vintage lighting, and no vintage lighting screams louder than the tension lamp.  Take a look.
 To me, the best thing about this kind of lighting, is that it's so dang flexible.  Most of these lamps have three sources of light which are completely adjustable...up, down, sideways, whatever you need, making them useful as task lighting as well as dramatic  lighting up a wall or directed on the floor or ceiling.
Classic mid century colors.

Danish modern style.

I love the graceful "c" shapes here.  A very pretty lamp indeed.

I think these are paper shades, but wouldn't these be even better if the dots were cut-outs?

I suspect this one's homemade, which makes it even cooler.  Love the idea of the accordion shade!

One of the most unique ones I've seen.  Love this lamp!

Imagine this setting without the lamp.  The perfect touch.
I'm not gonna lie, I saw plenty of photos of tacky lamps, but for the most part I'm definitely on board the tension/pole lamp express!  What's your opinion?  Tension/pole or don't?

Another pretty pic. taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Have a beautiful day.

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