Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I prepared for this post by spending some quality time in my closet.  Seriously, I bet I stood there for a whole forty-three seconds.  I wanted to see how much green I had in my wardrobe, because earlier in the week I mentioned that I've had difficulty wearing this most tricky of colors.  Here's what I discovered...I am able to successfully wear yellowish greens but blueish greens make me look...well...blueish green.  I also discovered that I have quite a bit of emerald green, or what one might refer to as a well balanced green, that I bet most people are able to wear.  As for the popular "mint" or "seafoam" green..ummm...can anyone actually wear those shades?
Let me show you what I mean.

                                          GREEN WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF YELLOW
 I suspect the reason I have the best luck with yellowish greens is because I have gold flecks in my eyes and a warm skin tone.  Just a guess.

                                                  GREEN WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF BLUE
 I suspect people with blueish eyes and cool complexions have better luck with blueish greens.

                                                              WELL BALANCED GREEN 
 These greens have a good balance of blue and yellow and are probably flattering on most people.

Okay, so nothing I've said here today is remotely scientific.  Color is tricky, you guys, especially green.  Do you agree with my assessment of yellowish vs. blueish green?  Which looks best on you?
Have a beautiful day.

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