Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our trip to Washington and Lee University in Lexington Virginia

Welcome to the classical, and oh so southern, campus of Washington and Lee University.  It truly is beautiful, and on a day as lovely as this, one could definitely imagine living here.
 Washington and Lee wasn't always Washington and Lee,  it began as Augusta Academy and later was known as Liberty Hall Academy.  It wasn't until a certain first president of the United States gave the  financially troubled school a generous donation in the form of stock   that it was renamed after George Washington.  Then, after a brief five years as president of the college, former General Robert E. Lee died in 1870 and the school was once again renamed, thus becoming Washington and Lee University.

Lee Chapel, where General Robert E. Lee, his wife, their seven children, and the Generals father are all buried.  Lee's horse, traveler, is buried on the grounds.  The chapel and the row of buildings across from it are all National Historic Landmarks.

 W & L, along with William & Mary and UVA, issued a public apology in 2014 for "participating in the institution of slavery".  In the early 1800's, a local merchant left his estate to the university, including 70 to 80 slaves.  After much research the university board concluded that the institution had indeed benefited from the labor and eventual sale of slaves.

 Washington and Lee is the second oldest college in Virginia, William and Mary being the first.

 Yes, those are rocking chairs.  I'll be right here if you need me!

 When you come visit W&L, and please do, you will eventually need lunch.  Anyone for the best fried chicken, ever?  Seriously, the Southern Inn on Main Street in Lexington has really really amazing fried chicken, you'll want to check it out.

If for some crazy reason you're just not in the mood for fried chicken (what is wrong with you?) Braxton says the meat loaf is excellent as well.
Please come and visit one of the most beautiful campuses in America.  You won't be disappointed.
I will eventually do a post on Lexington.  The photos I took on this trip do not do justice to this adorable town.

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