Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our trip to Mabry Mill in Meadows of Dan Virginia

Welcome to the most photographed spot along the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Mr. Mabry (Ed) began construction of his water powered mill in 1903.   Once it was completed in 1905, is was in turn a blacksmith, a wheelwright shop, then finally a grist mill.

The water which powered the mill was carried along this wooden race.  Over time is has sprung quite a few leaks which create waterfalls.

One of the many lovely pathways.

If you get a chance to visit during mountain laurel season, you won't be disappointed.

There was a park ranger demonstrating basket weaving techniques.  This one is called a rump basket .  If Mrs. Mabry needed to carry something with her when riding a horse, this basket fit nicely on the horses rump.

A gorgeous spinning wheel.  Apparently Mrs. Mabry didn't actually spin because, as the ranger told me, she was more of an outdoor girl, in fact she preferred to work in the mill along side her husband.

One of the park rangers made this lovely piece using the loom which is inside the house.  Unfortunately the buildings were too dark inside for photos.

 A whiskey still in the woods.  Welcome to the mountains y'all.

The Mabry's neighbors in the community would bring their corn to be milled.  The payment to Mr. Mabry was 1/8 of the ground meal.

The restaurant at Mabry Mill is quite rustic.  By rustic I mean it isn't air conditioned, which this charming fellow wasn't happy about.

The famous sweet potato pancakes tasted like Thanksgiving!  So good.

Every Sunday afternoon in summer their is live blue grass music and if you're there in the fall you can watch them make apple butter in a cauldron over a fire.  You can smell the scent for miles!
 The next time you're heading south on the Blue Ridge Parkway, check out Mabry Mill in Meadows of Dan Virginia.


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