Friday, February 18, 2011

Make me over - day eighteen

I've done it again, I went consignment clothing store hopping.  This makeover thingy isn't as easy as glamour magazine makes it look I tell ya.  Lets see what I purchased;

This wool skirt has flecks of brown, red, black and green, which should give me lots of options for tops.
Goodwill $3.00
 The skirt kind of reminds me of this.  I was actually looking for a jacket to match but no luck.
 The idea of wearing a scarf is new to me.  I don't really even know how to tie a scarf, but I love that this  has all of the colors of the skirt in it.  As you can see it has an equestrian pattern, which has no relevance to my life, but what the hell I like it anyway.
Consignment shop $6.00
 Oh yea. This is why I bought the scarf.
Hermes, priceless!
 This is actually nicer than it looks in the photo.  It's a wool blend red/burgundy short sleeve sweater.  It doesn't really reference mid century per say, but surely they wore short sleeve sweaters then, right?
consignment store $5.00
 This is a long sleeved jacket/sweater with a Talbot's label.  I normally don't like Talbots, because their petites aren't really petite enough for me, but I thought this would tie the outfit together nicely.
consignment store $14.00
 I bought these just because I looooove them.  They are for nonpierced ears but I happen to have a handy dandy kit that I can use to fix that.  I am really getting into vintage costume jewelry.  I think it's a great way to take a contemporary outfit and take it back a decade or four.
consignment store $4.00/pair
 Want to see how it all looks on moi?

 Looking at these pics I realize I haven't really even come close to a vintage look.  I'm beginning to wonder if I can pull off the whole vintage makeover thing without broadening my horizons beyond Roanoke.
If you are local, do you know of any stores that carry vintage around here?  What are your favorite vintage stores on the web?
I'll be back at it again next week.
Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

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