Friday, April 1, 2011


As I mentioned before, Braxton has gone off to market and left me alone alone alone.  Yesterday I did what any woman left alone would do, I went right out and bought a stack of girly magazines.  ( I realized how funny that last sentence was when I proofed this post).  Last night I piled up in bed, wearing my cozy pj's, with a cup of sleepy time by my side, and began to peruse my new zines; People, Traditional Home, and Bazaar, something for everyone.  When I picked up TH and saw the cover I was stunned.  Not because of all the beauty, but because, well look.....
See those two gold vase like thingys in the center of the table?  Well, I passed up the chance to buy two just like them for $10.00 for the pair - not once, or twice but three fricken times!!  They were at my favorite consignment shop and I knew they were a fabulous price, but I couldn't think where I would use them.  So they sat there, and sat there, until finally they were gone.  My god I could have given them as a gift.  Grrrr.  Listen to your instincts people.

 Moving on.  Like everyone else on the planet I've been seeing lots of Elizabeth Taylor lately, but I don't believe I've ever seen this fantastic dress before.  It's wonderful.  I want.
Wouldn't it be fantastic if someone , I'm talking to you Oscar de la Renta, would re-issue this in lots of fab colors?  I can see Halle Barry wearing this in orange to next year Oscars.  Can't you?  Do you hear me Oscar?

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