Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I may not have as many vintage dresses as I would like, although I'm working on that, but one thing I do have plenty of is vintage pocketbooks. I'll show you a few....

Braxton bought this for me at an antique store, it's quite large and heavy and obviously meant for summer, but one of my favorites.  Kate Spade eat your heart out.

Oh the times I've stood in front of my closet with this in hand looking and looking for something that matches, but I just don't have much brown, beige, or green in my wardrobe. I will say, this bag does get a lot of attention.  Does it remind you of 1970's/80's Gucci?  I thought so.

Twins from the 70's.

The bag on the left is some kind of skin, alligator maybe?  The one on the right is another one I don't get to use often because of the colors, but how groovy is it?

Worth repeating.

I use the bag on the left a lot.  It's so classic I always feel like Audrey or Jackie.  The one on the right is too dressy for day.

Close up of the clasp.  I do love a little bling.
 Now on to something new...  First there was granny chic, and hippie chic, and even heroin chic, now there's mother in law chic.
Braxtons mother has gifted me with several lovely items from "back in the day", but I'm rarely able to wear them because we have such different body types, for instance, she's taller than a leprechaun.  I can't even imagine.
This is a cotton sundress with a tremendous flower pattern.  I bet she wore this with little cotton gloves, a bright red bracelet, and a double strand of princess length pearls.  Wouldn't you?

This one is a little more casual, and I have actually worn this with a little white sweater to hide the fact that it doesn't really fit me.  Do what you gotta do, right?
Believe it or not, that was just a small sample of my vintage bags.  I'll show you more another day.  And a big thank you to my mother in law for having such great taste!  BTW: most of the bags came from MIL as well.

Have a beautiful day.

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