Friday, August 19, 2011


One of the many things I've learned this week hanging with Tim Burton is that the man is truly an original.  It's been really difficult to find commercial products or fashion that clearly vibe his miraculous imagination.  Let's see what I've found....                                               
 The following three pictures are from Korean's a stretch but I'm seeing a little bit of Tim here.

This is the character of the Corpse Bride which was  written for Helena Bonham Carter.......
who is both inspired by and an inspiration to Tim Burton.  HBC is also the mother of his two children.
These two......
 look a lot like these two.....and I don't think this was an accident.

The personal style of TB and HBC could be described as victorian gothic which is a style that plays heavily in many of his movies.  This style should not be difficult to emulate but would be challenging to pull off as well as these two.

They seem to have rubbed off on Johnny Depp, or is it the other way around? 
 The Olsen sisters seem to have been inspired by Tim Burton.  They, like Helena, are quite tiny, yet they are able to rock the layered granny chic look rather well.  If Alice allowed the Mad Hatter to dress her....this is what she'd look like.

The buttoned up Victoria could have inspired........
 these two.

Yes, Disney has introduced a tween line inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  Would you wear this?  Would your thirteen year old daughter?

This picture is not about the dress...I want you to notice the art work behind her.  Remember the Ruben Toledo backdrops he did for Nordstrom?  I really wish Ruben and Tim would work together....can you imagine what these two could produce?  A fabric line perhaps?  Wall paper?  Could Ruben do set design for one of Tim's movies?

The art work for The Nightmare Before Christmas reminds me of Ruben Toledo's work.

Tim Burton really loves his curlycue's.  Which could be re-imagined as.......
 Jewelry.  Love this bracelet!

Many of TB's characters are super tall and super skinny.  These girls could have walked right out of one of Tim's movies.
 I'm so glad TB and HBC found each other.  Braxton and I have been so inspired by their style, his movies, and the fact that they seem to dress and live exactly they way they wish, thank you very much.
I've had a great time with Tim Burton this week. 
Join us next week when we explore a new muse.
Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

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