Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's pretty clear why animals and their fur have always been inspiring to designers of fashion and decor.  No one loves nature and animals more than I do, yet I'm not quite sure how I feel about the wearing of fur, even the fake variety.  I tend to like animal inspiration best as a decor element rather than a fashion statement.  Let's see if I can change my mind on this one.

This strikes me as a fashion don't.

This I do like, and would definitely wear.
 Is there an animal more beautiful than the tiger?

I swear my MIL has this same coat.
Just because I have the mother of all sinus infections and basically feel like S#*t today....I leave you with an adorable chipmunk picture.  This little guy makes me happy.

What's your opinion of animals prints?  Do you wear zebra or tiger stripes?  Decorate with them?
BTW:  I didn't change my mind....I still like animals prints better as a decor statement.  Oh vell.
Have a beautiful day.

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