Friday, January 20, 2012


American designer Ben Seibel 1918-1985

 Several months ago I showed you some pictures of a set of Ben Seibel tableware Braxton and I snagged at a local consignment shop.  At the time I didn't know anything about Mr. Seibel and promised to do my research and let you know what I found.   Turns out Ben Seibel was quite prolific, producing designs for a number of American tableware manufacturers.

Ben Seibel studied painting, sculpture and architecture at Columbia University until WWII had other ideas.  After serving in the Air Force for four years, he returned to his studies, this time at Pratt Institute where he changed his focus to industrial design.

After leaving school he set up a small studio for himself and his few employees where he worked until his death in 1985.  Because he produced a large body of work, mostly in the early 50's into the 70's, his designs are still relatively easy to find.  I have found Ben Seibel designs on replacements limited, etsy, 1st dibs and ebay, and of course my local consignment shop.

I'm telling you, once to begin to study and collect mid century tableware, you become addicted pretty fast.  We love our vintage glassware and Ben Seibel tableware, and we're always on the look out for more.  Luckily there seems to be plenty to go around.  Enjoy.

This one is called "harvest time" and was produced for Iroquois.  As you'll see later, this is the set Braxton and I are collecting.

I wanted you to see a close up of this "lazy susan"....isn't it adorable?  It's currently available on replacements limited, and I think it must be mine!

This set of salad plates and salad bowl is currently on Etsy.

Also found these cheery yellow mugs on Etsy, unfortunately too late.

 The following is our set of "harvest time".  This we love.

Jaunty salt and pepper.

I love the organic shapes of these bowls.  Typical of mid century design.

Besides tableware, Ben Seibel also designed cookware, fine china, stoneware, flatware, ashtrays, glassware, furniture, clocks, and lamps.  I did say prolific, right?

What are your plans for the weekend?  Anyone hitting the vintage stores?
Have a beautiful day everyone!

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