Saturday, January 21, 2012


Danville has block after block of these abandoned tobacco warehouses.
 I don't usually post on the weekends, in fact this is a first.  Early last week I mentioned that we had gone to Danville Virginia to an antique store and that I would be sharing pics later in the week...and then....I didn't....oops.  So here we are.  Lou's Antique Mall in downtown Danville.  Definitely worth the trip.  30,000 square feet and quite a bit of mid century.  Let's see.
I see a little deco inspiration here, love the color.

Such a sweet set, which I unfortuneately had no use for.

Lazy susans were big in the mid century.  I love that the center part has a lid.

This graceful shape is sooo mid century.  Love the color on the inside.

Another lazy susan with a lid. Nice.l

This Danish modern end table was lovely.  Notice the magazine/book rack?

We actually saw more than one of these.  Deviled eggs and crudites?

 The picture above and below is of a really neat, yet odd set.  The one above looks like a bedroom piece, and below looks like a china cabinet.  Strange combo.
The was really nice and something we have been looking for, but the blond wood is all wrong for us.

An atomic lamp.

And another.  Love the color of these cups and saucers.

Moroccan(ish) piece from the.....70's?

Ben Seibel!!!  Waaaay too expensive.

An interesting trio of mid century tables.  Two side tables and one coffee table.  Good price, not in great shape.  Believe me these have been here a while.

Love the platter in the back.  No price though. Don't you hate when that happens?

A set of cute snack plates.  $15.00 and they could be yours.

A certain someone really liked these, and I felt pretty...meh...about them.  What's your opinion?

Super nice, glass, lazy susan.

The most amazing thing we saw all day, and not in a good way.  The plastic covers were actually a part of the shades and could not be removed.  Have you ever seen anything like this?

A really cool mid century building in the process of being torn down.  Sad.
If you ever find yourselves in downtown Danville, check out Lou's, but only if you're wearing comfortable shoes, it's a whole lota store!
Hope you're having a beautiful weekend.

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