Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mid Century Dinner Party

 Apparently there was a day when people had dinner parties.  Real dinner parties, where people dressed up, drank before dinner cocktails, sat down at a table set with china, crystal, and silver, probably smoked at the table, then had coffee and dessert in the living room.  They told amusing stories while looking into each other eyes, flirted with each others husbands and wives, and the telephone (which was on the kitchen wall) was ignored.  There was no television in sight.  People paid real attention to each other.
Or so I've heard.
 Appetizers  would be fruit cup, shrimp cocktail, cheese filled celery sticks and deviled eggs. 
 As a main course kabobs are in order, or perhaps Swedish meatballs or chicken croquettes.
 There would be frozen vegetables cooked in a butter or cheese sauce and white dinner rolls with real butter.
 For dessert...a chiffon pie or coconut cake with lots of hot coffee.
 After dinner music would be provided by records played on the turn table.
Have you ever hosted or been invited to a dinner party?  Would you like to?

Have a beautiful day.

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