Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The space needle in Seattle.
 It isn't a bad Ben Affleck movie, a goofy endearment or a Disney character...googie was a legitimate design style of the mid century.  Influenced by car culture, space age and atomic age, googie design was popular from the 1940's thru the mid 1960's , mostly in southern California and Miami, and became synonymous with mid century modern style.
Google Googie style (why do my fingers hate me today?) is characterised by attention getting bold colors and shapes, elevated signs, neon lettering, cantilevered structures, boomerang and artist's palette shapes and starbursts.
This was not a subtle design movement...the point being to capture your eye while you were careening down the highway in your big ass mid century Buick.
LAX airport

This one's my favorite!

Coolest car wash ever.

 After the 60's googie style became less popular and many signs and buildings were torn down.  Sad.

Hopefully this sign sparkles and moves.

 Because I know you are wondering...famed mid century architect John Lautner designed a West Hollywood coffee shop called "Googies", hence the name.  Kind of silly, right?

Have a beautiful day everyone.

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