Monday, March 26, 2012


When I was a little girl, our family, all six of us, took a car trip across the United States.  What my father must have had to promise my mother in order to get her to agree to a two week long trip from Virginia to California and back, in a un-air conditioned car, with four kids , I'm sure I'll never know.
I don't actually remember all that much about the trip, being eight years old...I don't remember loving it or hating it.  I do remember spiders as big as my hand, lots and lots of yogurt and fruit picnics, the cars radiator exploding all over my sisters foot (which required a detour to the nearest emergency room and Mary Kathryn spending the rest of the trip on crutches), my brother buying a sombrero in Mexico, and my other sister celebrating her birthday in California.
We all made it home alive, but I'm pretty sure my mother never willingly got in a car again if it required suitcases, car games, rest stops, or road food.
Let's talk about what to wear on a road trip.  Are you more of a shorts and t-shirt type?  Or do you like to dress up a bit when traveling?

There are some excellent road signs across America!  I've been to Vegas twice, but I've never seen this sign.

Let's talk roadside attractions.  Did your father have to stop for every "world's largest ball of twine, or world's largest non-stick frying pan"?

So many cool road side motels.

No road trip is complete without tacky souvenirs.  Those silver spoons from all fifty states are not going to collect themselves!

Do you have a favorite road trip memory?

When we went out west, I remember my mom wearing a series of one-piece short jump suits which she made herself.  What I wouldn't give to have those today, so cute!

Anyone seen Mr Bunyan and Blue?

Let's talk car games.  When Braxton and I owned a toy store, years ago, we sold lots of car games every summer.  Do you have a favorite?

There are some wonderful roadside restaurants...kitchy and cool.  Shoney's big boy anyone?  How about Howard Johnson's?
What was your longest car trip?  Did you go with friends or family?  Have you ever been across the entire country in an un-air conditioned car with four kids in the back?  Are you okay?
Let's talk about road trips this week!
Have a beautiful day.

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