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I believe this is a 1970's re-do of Syrie Maughams famous all white living room in her London Home....scroll down for the orignial.
Syrie Maugham 1879-1955
 When Syrie Maugham began her interior design career at the age of 42, she was determined to show the world something new...the all white room.
Recognizing that her London home was potentially her best form of advertising, Syrie staged a midnight candlelit dinner party where she unveiled her all white living room, decorated with matching white sofas, white lilies, and huge mirrored screens.  Seriously, this was something new, many of her peers were still stuck in the Victorian ideal of small, dark and shabby...what a breath of fresh air she must have been!
Jean Harlow was not only a private client of Syrie Maugham's, S.M. also decorated the set of her movie Dinner at Eight.  Eleven shades of white were needed to create enough contrast for the black and white film.  Notice the fringe on the chair?  A hallmark of Maughams style.

A Cecile Beeton photograph, of his sister, in Syries all white living room in her London home.

Maugham's famous sleigh bed with tasseled trim.

Syrie Maugham in her 70's.  In her life she suffered a nervous breakdown, contracted tuberculosis, and killed a cyclist in a car accident, which I suppose could account for her "difficult" personality (a word which history books seem to love to apply to driven successful women of any era).
 And now...just because there are not enough Syrie Maugham photographs ...a few lovely white rooms I bumped into while nosing around.
 Have you noticed that when decorating with white, it's a short trip from sophisticated/modern to country/twee?  That trip usually begins with a gallon of white paint and a piece of wooden furniture...and usually ends badly.  In my opinion white painted furniture is always (okay, usually) a bad idea.  If you are decorating a mostly white room and must paint a piece of wooden furniture, consider black.

You really can't beat a black/white combo.  So smart and sophisticated.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be nun, must have seen The Sound of Music once too often.  I suppose my room would have looked something like this...thank goodness I didn't become a damn nun! 

I have no idea what that is hanging above the bed...that's between you and your imagination. blue and white, such a refreshing combination.

Am I the only one who's grown a little weary of things with antlers?

Words fail me...just know that I really really love this room!
Have to ever decorated a white room? Wanted to be a nun? 
What's your favorite color to pare with white?
Have a beautiful day.

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Braxton and Yancey said...

Yes, and yes :). Just kidding about wanting to decorate a room white... :) Paring white and black rocks! Brax

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