Monday, April 9, 2012


 I must have unresolved issues with the color blue.  Over 50% of people say that blue is their favorite color, yet,  I would place blue pretty close to the bottom on my list of shiny happy colors.*  The house I grew up in was decorated in a thousand shades of blue, including my own bedroom, where I spent lots of time as a teen...miserable.  Connection?  I think so...after all they don't call it the blues for nothing.
This week, as we explore the use of blue in fashion, decor and design, I'll be exploring my unresolved feelings for blue which will hopefully lead to a new appreciation for the coolest color of them all.
I love this idea!  If anyone is getting married this summer....please consider cute.
 Blue symbolises inspiration, sincerity, spirituality and calmness.
Sexy blue velvet.  Nice.
 Blue is the color of the throat chakra which influences communication.
Who wouldn't love to have eyes this color?  Gorgeous!
 Blue is said to promote sleep, making it perfect for a bedroom, especially a nursery or child's room.
My new goal in life is to be as cool and confident as this lovely  lady.
Blue denim is the most commonly used fabric in clothes production.
I assume these once belonged to a mermaid.
 First place ribbons are blue.
Braxton and I loved these chairs the minute we saw them in   Elle Decor.  We especially love the silver handles...there is something about silver and blue together, don't you think?


A picture I took of some lovely blue flowers on a recent trip to Williamsburg.
*Funny, as I sit here at my desk I am actually surrounded by desk lamp is blue, the staircase is painted blue (by me) and my background on my computer is a picture of a blue swimming pool!  Clearly this relationship can be saved.

Please join us this week as the explore the color blue.  Is blue your favorite?  If not, why?
Have a beautiful day!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So what is your favorite color.? I usually say least most days.....but you neverknow.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So what is your favorite color.? I usually say least most days.....but you neverknow.

Braxton and Yancey said...
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Braxton and Yancey said...

I'm with you* I love love love pink! Not just any pink - it's gotta be hot! Put hot pink and orange together and I'm am always on board.

*For those who don't know - M-A-Martha and I are sisters - so it's no surprise we have the same favorite color!

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