Thursday, April 5, 2012


Vico Magistretti - Italian architect and designer
A highly influential Italian architect and industrial designer, Vico Magistretti began designing series production furniture in the 1960's including the first plastic chair.

He was one of the foremost industrial designers of the 20th century, and received a ton of awards in his lifetime.  Later in his career, he taught at the Domus Academy in Milan and was made an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Art in London.

Vico was known for the high quality of his work, urging long lasting design solutions which did not perpetuate the throw-away culture of the mid century.

12 of Mr. Magistretti's designs are on permanent display at the MoMA.

 "My designs are autobiographical, like a diary or little private world".  VM
I think these little guys are completely adorable!

These polycarbonate globes are set on very thin black poles, making them appear to magically float and glow in the night.  I love the slight steam punk quality of these.

Bistro armchair.

 "I work everywhere, in bed, on a plane, in my office.  I always have something to write down ideas in, I sketch on newspapers or magazines in airplanes, usually I tear out the page then draw on it"  VM

 Random:  All six of our dogwood trees are in full glorious bloom.  I love spring!!
Have a beautiful day.

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